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Emergency Trauma Medic Training Day

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This two-day very hands-on combat medic course is taught by Harvey Amos from NorthStar Tactical

What if . . .

  • You work in a gun shop and someone gets shot because a loaded gun was brought in by a customer thinking it was unloaded.
  • You work in a restaurant or mall that would make an easy target for Muslim terrorists
  • Your spouse gets shot in the parking lot of Walmart during a robbery
  • A friend gets hit during a hunting party.
  • You pull someone with major burns out of a car accident.
  • You come across an unconscious person whose half the face has been shattered by a terrorist explosion. 

Would you REALLY know what to do and be able to REALLY help instead of being sorry? 

The best and only way to prepare is to make the training as realistic as possible.  This is not classroom learning, but action and decision learning.  This two-day NorthStar Crisis Medic training is what you need if you are serious about preparedness.  Hosted by Safe N Secure, on Amelia Island the class can be arranged for a private group or open roster at our regular dates.

This is unlike any other class we host: Harvey Amos teaches how to manage the injuries one may encounter on a battlefield and, consequently, on a shooting range and in today’s world anywhere in America. This type of training is also valuable preparation for any possible major disaster.

The detail of the curriculum is as follows:

  • Review of the Good Samaritan Law
  • Review of Combat Medicine protocols as seen in Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq/Afghanistan
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology pertaining to traumatic injury
  • Performing a rapid triage assessment
  • Presentation and review of combat wounds and treatment options
    • Direct Pressure
    • Tourniquet application
    • Clotting Agents
    • Review and handling of equipment and supplies commonly used in Iraq and Afghanistan
    • Emergency Airway Management using the Nasal Oral Pharyngeal Airway.
    • Presentation of Environmental Emergencies and treatment options
    • Presentation of Spinal Cord Injuries as seen in Combat
    • Reassessment of injured personnel guidelines and additional treatment
    • Treating actual GSWs / Tissue Lab
    • Assessment and Treatment of Burns

If you are serious about preparedness and want to enable yourself to manage the unexpected at a rang and protect your family / friends, this is the course to take!  The course is not a certification course, in the sense that he does not issue any form of State or Government recognized credential. We issue a certificate of course completion signed by both NorthStar and Safe N Secure.

You will walk away from with unsurpassed experience and a whole new understanding for what our troops are dealing with, in addition to earning life-saving skills.  
The Experience:
Each student will manage actual wounds inflicted to bone-in pork roasts and pig feet during the class, including various caliber wounds to realize how different calibers create different cavities. You will manage real cuts on real flesh, broken bones, real bullet wounds on real flesh, real burns on real flesh

At the beginning of the class each student will receive a trauma emergency response pack which will contain all the supplies for the hands-on class exercises. The pack and supplies included will be for the students to keep after the class for regular practice.

Supplies include all you need to treat the wounds you will manage during the class such as most gunshot wounds, cuts, ied wounds, burns, broken limbs and more. In sum most things you would face after an attack or an accident.

  • Tourniquet
  • Blood Clot pack
  • Suturing kit
  • Airways tubes
  • Splint
  • Three types of bandages
  • Barriers
  • Burns treatment supplies
  • Disinfectant and other basic care supplies.


Class also includes a written test and practical examinations. For example you will take a wound home at the end of the first day to manage it at home and bring it back the next day.

Instructor Qualification: Harvey’s background includes four years in the US Army Special Forces 11th SFG plus four years with the 82nd Abn Div. US Army in the 70’s and 80’s.  He also has completed two tours in Iraq (Mosul 2003-2005 and Basra 2010-2011) as a Tactical Medic / Gun Truck Commander and then as a Medical Officer/Security Team supervisor.  He is a registered nurse and also has a number of other medical certifications as well as certifications ranging from Private Protection Services to Firearm Instructor.  
Saturday and Sunday classes as well as Tuesday and Wednesday classes.

From 9am to 4pm both days

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  1. Thank you 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 29th 2016

    Thanks for the class Harvey was great and we really got a lot out of the class.

  2. a survival must have 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 8th 2013

    I recently enjoyed the privilege of attending the combat field medic training course at the Drop zone. I am thankful for the opertunity to train under such a skillful instructor. I obtained very valuable knowledge and experience from the instruction and if placed in a situation where I may have to apply this training I will be sucessful in my mission thank you all very much.

  3. Great Class! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 11th 2013

    This is a great class. I had went to this course with almost no knowledge about what to do in a traumatic scenario. I left this course knowing how to deal with almost any medical emergency and the knowledge needed for using the equipment.
    This class is perfect for anyone in shooting sports, or is looking to be prepared for disaster.


    Posted by on Nov 3rd 2013

    This was a really good class. It is a must take for Hunters, Preppers, Home Defenders, and anyone who even goes to the range.

    My wife,daughter and I all took the class together and the information was invaluable. Just the product information for short term life saving care was worth the time and money. Throw in the How To information and the class is more than worth every dime.

    My young daughter wants to learn to hunt and I am now confident that she can handle most any medical emergency we might encounter in the woods.

    Procedures and products have advanced so much since I started hunting and shooting 40 plus years ago, I was surprised how far behind I had fallen.

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