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  • The DrOpZOne Jungle Course patch, can only be purchased by individual who complete the Jungle Course successfully.  Successfully means you complete the entire course in less than 2 hours without having to be carried.
  • The DrOpZOne Jungle Course patch, 100% Embroidery with velcro backing to allow you to move it from your shirt to your cap to your bag, can only be purchased by individual who complete the Jungle Course successfully.  Successfully means you complete the entire course in less than 2 hours without having to be carried.
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  • Aerial view of the course area.
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  • The course starts mid-morning on a sandy beach where you climb up a dingy with a range officer and a navigator to take you up the river.
  • Your wear full gear—your gear—including a loaded shotgun and a pistol.
  • The boat will move slowly and quietly up the river.  Targets on the river banks will be unmistakable, and they must be taken down with the shotgun.
  • The beach that is your landing point will be covered with smoke from a 2lbs smoke bomb through which you will have to find your way while shooting at hostiles on the beach waiting for you.
  • You will then progress cautiously into the jungle.
  • The environment is not the most friendly.
  • Depending on the season and rainfall, you may find yourself in mud and water past your waist. So make sure that you bring a change of clothes to cleanup after the event.
  • Expect some climbing through brush and having to progress through difficult terrain.
  • Some areas are so thick you will likely have to crawl underbrush. There are booby traps that will explode around you and sometime really close to you if you don't see them.
  • Your navigator will only be with you for safety, and when necessary to give you hints.  At time you will have to check with DZ Central Command, and you may be provided freshly collected intelligence about your mission.  Your course will be traced on a GPS OR a printed map provided to you at the beginning of the day.  It is your responsibility to manage to stay on track.
  • You will come upon a pole that has steel targets on one side of it.  you will have to shoot all the targets out to the other side of the pole (when you hit the targets they spin over to the other side).
  • The difficulty though, is that you will be fighting a hidden sniper who will be shooting the targets back to your side.  To pass you will have to either beat him or run out of shotgun ammunition, which means finish the course with the pistol, and your knife if you have to (Training).
  • You may feel relieved at the sight of a cleared track, hoping for some easier progress . . . but again, maybe not . . .
  • The camp entrance is extremely fortified to prevent direct access so you will be forced to go around the camp through sticky muck and debris as you navigate through the bottom of the camp moat.
  • You may have to do creep on a guard from behind to take him down silently with the knife.  Your partner/navigator will hold on to your firearms while you do, for safety and for increased stealth.
  • Once in the camp you will experience going through more smoke grenades and will experience other surprises throughout the rest of the course.  Once you get access to the camp you will have to fight your way through it to get into the 360-degree shoothouse.
  • Inside the shoothouse you will fight hostiles from all directions, until you find the Officer of the group and who has the hard-drive you must retrieve.  A surprise is there for you to deal with.
  • Once you manage to get the hard-drive you will have to run back to the river as fast as you can to escape the coming reinforcement, then get to the boat (you may have to swim to it or run pretty far depending on the river level and sandbars placement) and escape back to the starting point.  If you complete the course successfully* you will receive the Jungle Course Certificate and the lapel pin of the Continental Army, US.  Good luck!


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Product Description

Watch the story in pictures above, or the video below to get a better feel for the value of this experience. 

The Jungle Course Beach Assault is a unique educational experience where you will learn the skills neccessary to complete the examination course designed to give you a taste of the reality of going up a river looking for hostiles on the bank, jumping into the water in full gear and crawling under and over obstacles to complete a fun mission while having to engage hostiles from all directions.

The SAT Patch At successful completion of the course, which requires that you complete the course under your own power under two hours using the skills taught, you earn the right to where the "SAT" DrOpZOne patch.  "SAT" stands for "Special Adventure Team".  for a normal individual reasonably fit, the course can be completed in about one hour.

The Mission
Your mission is to access and penetrate a remote and thought-to-be-abandoned camp to retrieve a hard-drive containing important information and that was left behind during evacuation. Both, approach and extraction to and from the area will be by boat with some shooting at hostiles on the bank.

You will have to fight your way into the area, then into camp, retrieve the hard drive and then call for extraction for which you will have to make a run back to the river.  The "Navigator" (who is your Range Officer as well) will escort you all the way . . . he is your partner.  He will wear a helmet camera to record a memory of your experience.


PS: the patch is not part of the course . . . but you can buy it seprately after the course is over and you completed it.

At completion you will be provided with a DVD the contains the recording from your navigator's camera: If you selected the SHOW AND SHARE PACKAGE a professional DVD will be edited to create a short movie of your experience with added effects for a greater entertainment enjoyment.  You will receive ten copies of the DVD, and, since it will not be protected, you will easily be able to make more copies.  

Equipment needed:

There are three ways for you to go about your gear:

  • You have your own gear and do not need anything.
  • You want to purchase your gear so you can keep it.
  • You want us to equip you.  A fee may apply depending on the gear you need. 

The bottom line is, this is what you need to have when you board:

A 12 gauge tactical shotgun.  By tactical we mean, short (but legal) with an extended magazine, preferably (not required) pistol grip, sling and sights that allow for quick target acquisition and aiming.  Shell-holders on stock or receiver are helpful too.
A reliable semi-automatic pistol fit for extensive shooting and manipulation.  

To retain the pistol: either the pistol has to have a lanyard, in which case almost any holster will do, OR, if it does not have a lanyard, then you will need a holster with a retention device.  We do not allow holsters where the barrel is expose and may fill with dirt when you are on the ground.  If your assault vest is equipped with a chest holster it is a good option.

Pistol: you will want to have at least 75 rounds for the pistol . . . ALL loaded in magazines (no loose rounds or boxes).

Shotgun: you will want to have at least 75 rounds of #9 shots . . . ALL loaded in shell holders or in a bandoleer or assault vest pockets.  (no loose rounds in regular pant's pockets, cargo pants or boxes).

An assault vest that is reliable enough to hold securely your gear: water, ammunition, radio and GPS, and whatever else you feel you must carry.

Strong wraparound glasses that will not fall when thick branches rub against your face.
A camelback or other hydration device is a good idea, or you can carry water in your vest in bottles that will hold crawling.  We won’t be carrying anything for you.  

Your condition:
You MUST be a good physical shape with no heart, respiratory or other issues that would present a restriction to acute physical effort and/or a danger to your health.  During this event you will climb in and out of water, up and down dirt walls, crawl through brush, palmetto, progress through soft and thick mud, swing on a rope with all your equipment mounted on your person, and handle difficult terrain.

You may encounter deadly spiders, snakes, scorpions and all that populates a Georgia Swamp.  They are not rubber snakes or plastic spiders . . . they are the real thing.  If this scares you, then you should not be taking part to this event.  If you have environmental allergies with reactions that can present a danger to your wellbeing, you should not partake to this event.

We will need a note from your doctor certifying that you are fit for this course.  To do that is as simple as printing this page and taking it to your doctor and get a physical.   

The event is comprised of two sessions:
Session 1: An interview with your Range Officer and Navigator ahead of the day of the event.  This is so we can evaluate your condition, knowledge, equipment, safety level, as well as answer all the questions you may have.  

Session 2: The event itself.  It can start at three distinct times: 

  • Early in the morning with a last cup of coffee before the expedition. 
  • Mid-to-late morning with a last cup of coffee before the expedition.
  • Early-to-mid afternoon, in which case you will carry a camelback for hydration.
  • After sunset, for the Night experience option.

Regardless of the timeslot You will NOT be able to do reconnaissance on the terrain.  All you will have is a GPS to show you where to go.  You will go about 1/3rd of a mile on water, and less than ½ mile on land.

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  1. I had a blast! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 2nd 2013

    This course was great! But get ready to sweat! At first, the course seemed a little daunting but I had an absolute BLAST learning and performing all the different tactical movements and commands. This course requires team work, strength, and enthusiasm and it gave me a tremendous sense of pride knowing I accomplished something very similar to what military men and women go through. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a fun yet challenging experience.

  2. WOW… THIS WAS AWESOME…. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 29th 2013

    WOW… THIS WAS AWESOME….With over 20 years of experience under my belt, this was by far the most exhilarating civilian course I have been through. It gives you a real taste of a combat unit without having to enlist. The course is real demanding and will test your skills in every aspect. I would definitely recommend this to anybody who wants to challenge themselves or wants a taste of military type exercises.

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