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“MAKING TECHNOLOGY SIMPLE & BEAUTIFUL” is the principle behind StaffNET.

Why it is important for Security Agencies to Go online for their guard management and reports?

  • It materializes your service into something palpable. Many times residents of community will look at their budget and say "why do we pay for security? I seldom see them, do we really need them?". With StaffNET the clients can scroll through the hundreds of patrols and over 1,000 reports you may make annually on a property when you add up citations and various observations. All of the sudden they realize how much is happening that they don't see. That is the number one value: impressing clients with your service.
  • More and more agencies are going online and offering their clients access to reports. StaffNET keeps you competitive.
  • It saves you time, money, space and aggravation.
    • Time to read and sort out reports. You get to them where and when you can.
    • Money to print and store all those forms you no longer need.
    • Aggravation trying to retrieve information lost in a stack of files. Now a simple keyword brings you to the report you need.
  • It helps you sell to your clients by showing them that they will have access to all reports. 

StaffNET means

  • 1 monthly fee
  • UNLIMITED number of guards.
  • No equipment purchase necessary. Everything can be done from a cell phone or a tablet. All your guards need is their smart phone.
  • Free customization of web-portal page with your company banner and logo.
  • Free 5 client accounts. Then it will only cost you $30 one-time fee per new client.
    • Each of your clients is able to login unto their own account to review their property report.
    • Each client account can also be customized with the client's property picture if you wish.
  • No restriction on the integration of your client-login portal into your website. You clients will login onto their account directly from your website.

For your business:

  • The most economical online report system.
  • No hidden fees or tricks.
  • The only system where you don’t get charged for each customer or each device you add to the system.
  • The perfect balance between technology and simplicity.
  • Relying on a system used by businesses around the US including two Fortune-500 companies.
  • Working with an America-Owned, American-Based, American-Made software and company that is in the business of providing security just as you do: Safe N Secure,
    • Florida Security Agency License # B1400028
    • Florida Security Guard School Licenses # DS1400008, DS1700029
    • Florida Private Investigative Agency License # A1400210

For your guards the ability to . . .  

  • Make reports as easily as completing an online questionnaire, including the ability to upload pictures of what they see.
  • Enter Citations and warnings issued.
  • Record and email property passes.
  • Access post orders or special notices from management.

For your clients:

  • Viewing reports about their property in real time.
  • Being able to create statistics based on types of incidents.
  • Being able to search reports using any key words.
  • Keeping track of events by case number to see resolutions when applicable.
  • Realizing how much your service are valuable by seeing the frequency of reports. 
  • If applicable, the ability to automatically create and email property passes to contractor, guests and visitors, even for part-time residents.

For your management the ability to . . . 

  • Check on staff activity as easy as checking emails.
  • Send text and email to your entire staff with one click.
  • Perform statistics for entire agency or per client or even per guard. 
  • Upload post orders and any forms onto clients and guards accounts.
  • Research old cases or incident reports through the use of keywords or case number.
  • Pre-screen potential employees by having them complete an online interview questionnaire.
  • Test employees knowledge by having them take the equivalent of the Florida D license tests.

Why StaffNET instead of other software?

There are plenty of other software out-there for example like Silvertrac, some of which have been around a few years although not as long as StaffNET.

Let's take SilverTrac for example.

  • The cost is in the least 3 times, and as much as 10 times what StaffNET cost you depending on your number of guards and clients. They basically start at $300 a month and that is just for the minimum.
  • They have functions StaffNET does not offer, such as GPS tracking. However, there are two issues with an overload of functions:
    • Each additional function increases the system's complexity of use significantly, and if you don't have dedicated office staff committed to learn the software it becomes a burden.
    • Some of these functions overlaps with other potential software, so you end up paying twice for the same service. For example if you have tracking devices in your patrol car(s) to track speed and location such as GoFleet you already pay for tracking.
    • Because you rely on your guard's smart phone for your guards to do their reports, by installing a GPS capability on their phone you are starting to invade their privacy, which can become a liability and may likely become forbidden by law in the future.
  • StaffNET is inexpensive, has years of track record without failure through the many web platforms, from Mac to Android.
  • StaffNET does not require the installation of an APP, so it NEVER needs to be updated and never become incompatible.
  • StaffNET simply works, that why we created it the way we did, and that's why we use it. A simple look at our security agency website will show you quickly how successful we are with this software.

StaffNET was created in 2009 long before anyone even thought of online systems for security. It is used by entities around the US with 100% reliability and has NEVER lost ANY data since its creation. We are not a software company trying to make a buck selling software, we are a security agency that build what it needs for its client, making sure that it will always work and not let us down or be too complicated for our staff.


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